Notable Voices: February 20, 2014

What Pastors Owe Their People — Daniel Darling

As Dan points out, pastors owe it to their congregants to preach the whole counsel of God—including the tough passages.


7 Ways the Leader Sets the Bar — Ron Edmondson

Your team will rarely outperform the bar you set for them as a leader. So as a leader, you must constantly be the one raising the bar not only for yourself, but for the entire organization.


30 Key Movements Happening in the Christian Community — Brad Lomenick

Brad has put together quite a comprehensive list of the influential movements he’s seeing in the Christian community. From my personal viewpoint, it’s encouraging to see so many LifeWay partners on this list.


The Dangers of Entrepreneurship in Pastoral Ministry — Matt Svoboda

Matt shares how we sometimes use the wrong measurements when determining success as pastors and reminds us that a pastor’s primary calling is that spiritual leadership, not entrepreneurial leadership.


Infographic: Top 10 Reasons for Choosing a Paper Book over an eBook



  1. says

    Love the smelling one!! My dad is a printer and I grew up with our basement as a print shop. I absolutely LOVE the smell of printer’s ink. Sometimes people laugh because I instinctively smell a book as soon as I pick it up. :) I love ebooks too, but there’s nothing like paper and ink!

  2. says

    Thanks Thom for helping me connect with these other great articles this week. I enjoyed reading them all. And with the infograph, I’m still a fan of the paperback with the above mentioned but smell and feel would be top 2 that keep me from making a full switch to ebook.

  3. Donnie Gamble says

    I love hardcopy books over e-books because they become heirlooms for your children and grandchildren.
    Margins notes right at the paragraph or statement which was a cause for pause…
    The feel of the book itself…
    I will purchase hardcopy before considering e-books, detest some authors and publishing houses that have move totally to the e-book format…
    However, it is an individual perk…children and young adults today think electronics is the way for everything because do not know how to write a letter, thank you note, invitation, etc. much receive these items.

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