4 Reasons Why Churches Need Good Directional Signage — Art Rainer

One of the most common mistakes I noticed as a church consultant was the lack of directional signage in churches. It’s as if churches expected people who had never been in their building to know exactly where to go on their first visit. Obviously this is a problem. Art shares four reason why your church should not only have directional signage, but good directional signage.


Pastor, How Should You Respond When You Do Not Meet the Expectations of Others? — Ronnie Floyd

As a pastor, people will have unreasonable expectations of how you are to lead the church and fulfill your pastoral duties. Ronnie shares how to respond when it happens.


Pastors, Preach the WHY Before the WHAT — Trevin Wax

Good speakers know how to communicate not only what people need to do, but why they need to do it. The same goes for preaching.


The Friendless Pastor — Mark Brouwer

Pastoring a church can be lonely at times. Mark identifies five specific dangers facing pastors who are friendless.


Four Types of Friends Every Pastor Needs — Ike Reighard

Related to the post above, pastors need friends. Ike lists the four types of friends that every pastor needs.


40 Best Online Resources on Burnout — David Murray

What a list David has compiled here. This is one of the most comprehensive listings of resources on pastoral burnout you will find.

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