Notable Voices – March 6, 2014

Five Levels of Church Disasters — Sam Rainer

Every church will experience a moment of crisis from time to time. Hopefully they are just moments—not seasons. The key to handling crises is knowing responding in an appropriate manner. Not all crises deserve the same level of response. That is why it is important to evaluate the seriousness of each crisis and match the response to its severity.


10 Great Leadership Quotes — Art Rainer

Art shares some of his favorite leadership quotes. There are some good ones in here.


17 Questions for Online Church — Jon Acuff

Last week, I wrote a post on the future of the digital church. I’m not sure if Jon reads this site or not (Jon — if you do, thanks!), but he shared his thoughts on the digital church this week over at his blog. He raises some good—albeit lighthearted—questions about online church.


Why I Park the Furthest from the Church — Derwin Gray

I’ve been to numerous churches with reserved parking for the pastor. Derwin has an unofficially reserved parking spot. But it’s not where you might think it would be.


3 Tips for Responding to Criticism — Tim Challies

Every leader will face criticism. When it comes, you should be prepared. Tim offers three tips for responding to the inevitable criticism leaders receive.


7 Suggestions to Get the Introverts Sharing in Your Meetings So You Don’t Miss Their Input — Ron Edmondson

In large team meetings, it is easy for introverts to be left out or to not speak up altogether. Ron shares seven ways to make sure everyone at the table provides input—even the introverts.

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