Four Ways to Improve Your Church Website  — Pastors Today

I’ve written on the perils facing most churches when it comes to their website. This article provides four simple steps to making your church website more effective.


Would Paul Have Used Video? — Aaron Armstrong

With the popularity of Secret Church, Aaron wonders what the Apostle Paul would have done with video technology had it been available to him.


3 Bad Tests Pastors Use to Measure Ministry — Tony Morgan

In Transformational Church, Ed Stetzer and I talk of the need for a new scorecard for churches. Nickels and noses just don’t do it anymore. Tony’s article confirms that need.


Releasing an Employee for Less Obvious Offenses — Ron Edmondson

Sometimes you have employees who are good people but bad employees. So when it’s time for the company to move on without them, that can be an extremely difficult situation for a leader. So what are you to do? Ron shares three examples to consider.


Look Smart: Don’t Make these Dumb Writing Mistakes! —  ShortStack Lab


Does Your Church Need to Go to the Next Level? Is Your Church Sick or Dying?

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    One can write well and clearly without ever using a that, there is/are, or it is. The statement, “It is hot today,” is weaker than “Today is hot.” “It is” and “there is” are vague and often without a clear precedent (which all pronouns must have). As I learned from good writers, use “that” rarely if ever, and never begin a sentence with either “it” or “there.”

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