An Interview with Dr. Tony Evans – Rainer on Leadership #049

Podcast Episode #049

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Dr. Tony Evans was recently our guest at LifeWay. While he was here, Jonathan and I had a chance to sit down with him and record an episode of Rainer on Leadership. Dr. Evans is still one of the greatest influences on my ministry, and I was encouraged by this discussion about life, ministry, fatherhood, and more.

In our discussion, I we covered these questions and quite a few more:

  1. What have been the significant shifts in pastoring that you’ve seen over the past 40 years?
  2. What steps did you take to as a husband and father to strengthen your relationship with your wife and kids as your ministry grew in notoriety?
  3. How did the way you handled the fame you experienced help your children to process that which they’ve reached in their respective careers?
  4. How has your involvement as a chaplain in the NBA and NFL helped you as a pastor?

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  1. Anthony Allen says

    My question is this, if a pastor go through a devorce while plastering a congregation should he step down from pasting or pastoral?

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