Notable Voices – April 24, 2014

Is Your Church Ready for a Mobile App? — Pastors Today

With the advances made in smartphone technology, churches now have the opportunity to provide low-cost mobile apps for their members and visitors. These apps can now include everything from prayer walls, contact info, blog feeds, and even live streaming of services.


When Pastors Fall: Why Full and Public Repentance Matters — Ed Stetzer

The internet has allowed news to spread faster than ever. And the only thing which spreads faster than good new is bad news. So when news of a pastor scandal comes to light, Ed suggests pastors be fully repentant and open when apologizing.


How Can We Increase Ethnic Diversity in Our Churches? — Russ Moore

One of the main points in my upcoming book Autopsy of a Deceased Church is that declining churches fail to resemble their community. Dr. Moore shares a biblical example of how churches should take steps toward having their congregation look more like their community.


How Churches Can Help Prevent Pastor Suicides — Marty Duren

Mental health is important in any aspect of life, but especially so in the ministry. Marty shares several ways to minister to those who minister to us.


Stop Dressing so Tacky for Church — John Blake

One topic in the church I haven’t covered much on the blog is how people dress for corporate worship gatherings. Blake unpacks several points on both sides of the issue in this article.


7 Warning Signs Your Church Has Ministry Silos — Tony Morgan

Tony is beginning a series on his blog about how to identify and break down ministry silos in the church. I’d encourage you to examine your church and the problems ministry silos can create.

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