Notable Voices – April 3, 2014

When Vision Stops — Sam Rainer

If you pastor for any length of time, you’ll undoubtedly face an issue when something “unforeseen grinds the church to a halt.” Sam shares how to lead in the wake of those events.


Revolutionary or Evolutionary? 5 Tips for Pastors in a New Role — Jeff Bigelow

I’ve written previously on a pastor’s first 90 days. This article from Jeff provides more insight into those crucial first few months of leading a new church.


Is Church Membership Really Required? — Ricky Jones

We are seeing an increased emphasis on biblical church membership across the nation. As it grows, more people are asking if church membership should even be required. In I Am a Church Member, I firmly state that it should be. Ricky continues to make that case in this article.


7 Helpful Skills for Pastors Leading Growing Churches — Ron Edmondson

Ron’s insights on leadership are extremely helpful. While he frames these skills for pastors of growing churches, they would apply to any pastor or leader.


Platt Wasn’t Enough For My Church — Andy Schmitz

Andy shares a fascinating story of how the church he pastors was formed out of a small group of believers who started watching streaming sermons and eventually became a full-fledged church. It’s a testimony of both the power of technology and our need for local community.


A Letter From the President: Reflections On Ten Wonderful Years — Danny Akin

Earlier this week I attended the 10th anniversary celebration for my good friend Danny Akin at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. It was a wonderful event. This week, Danny shared his thoughts online about his first 10 years in Wake Forest.


15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly — CopyBlogger


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