Notable Voices: May 15, 2014

Should a Pastor Use an iPad, iPhone, or Printed Copy of the Bible to Minister Scripture to People? — Brian Croft

Yesterday’s post on print vs. digital sparked a great discussion online. The subject of this related article is one the church will continue to discuss in years to come.


Read or Get Out of the Ministry — Eric Geiger

Reading plays a critical role in leadership. Good leaders are typically avid readers. Eric lists four steps for you to develop as both a reader and a leader.


The Real Reason Most Leaders Don’t Accomplish Anything Significant — Carey Nieuwhof

The difference between doing something and doing something significant is a fine line but the results are miles apart.


Common Problems in Modern Preaching — Andrew Webb

This article isn’t as negative as it sounds, but instead is more corrective in it’s content. It’s a good reminder that no matter what style of preaching you use, there’s always room to improve.


On Francis Schaeffer — Bruce A. Little

This week marks the 30th anniversary of Francis Schaeffer’s death, and the blog at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has been publishing articles in his honor—a fitting tribute from the school which houses his personal papers and correspondence.


4 Ways Technology Can Improve Volunteer Engagement — Steve Caton

Volunteer engagement is critical to the ministry of a church. This article lists four specific ways digital tools can help and many of these benefits mirror those of the training your church can get through Ministry Grid.


  1. Tom James says

    As far as Andrew Webb’s blog on what the problems are with modern preaching I take great issue with it. I am sorry but his blog seems a bit arrogant. The non-reformed preachers of which I am one, he busts us repeatedly about being shallow, not allowing scripture to interpret scripture, we lack “solid exegesis”, “success is measured by how happy the church is” … REALLY? Then the only real problem with reformed preachers is they make (his camp) their messages too deep to where the congregation has to work too hard listening to a lecture. I am sorry but that’s a slap those in the non-reformed camp and lump them all into a category of not being true to scripture or being able to preach exegetically through a book. He accuses us of preaching too little on sin and not much gospel content either. Excuse me while I go get sick. This is horrible …. and I’m guessing the only ‘kuddo’s’ he’s getting are from the reformed camp, because after all they have their theology all together.

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