Notable Voices: July 10, 2014

Why Your Church Needs More (Often) Announcements in Worship — Sam Rainer

In many churches, the time for announcements is one when many zone out. For many, it’s just filler between songs or after the sermon. But it shouldn’t be. Sam shares why churches don’t necessarily need more announcements—they need important announcements more often.


5 Ways to Keep Email from Ruining Your Life —  David Pogue

Like many of you, email is a major part of my job. And like many of you, it’s often a chore.


Why High Capacity Children’s Pastors Are So Hard To Find — Danny Watterson

For churches reaching young families, having a great children’s minister is critical. But high capacity children’s leaders are hard to find. Here’s why.


What Church Plants Have that Established Churches (Often) Don’t — Darryl Dash

We’ve been discussing church plants and established churches a lot here on the blog and the podcast. I think Darryl nails it in his contrasts between the two.


7 Thoughts to the Families of Introverts — Ron Edmondson

My fellow introvert, Ron, shares how even with family, introversion can play a role in relational dynamics.


Top 10 Findings About Church Communications — Tony Morgan

Tony’s group released their findings on church communications this week. The results can help most every church to communicate better.



  1. Ben says

    Your link for Darryl Dash’s blog is incorrect. Thought you would want to know! I greatly appreciate your ministry!

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