The Pastor’s Kid – Rainer on Leadership #062

Podcast Episode #062

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Our biggest post ever at is related to pastors’ kids. So when Barnabas Piper released his new book on the subject, we knew we needed to have him on the podcast to discuss the book, what it is like to be the son of a famous pastor, and the fishbowl that many PK’s live in. His insights on the subject are helpful to pastors’ kids, pastors, and laypersons alike. In the episode, we discuss The Pastor’s Kid as well as seven things pastors wish church members knew about their kids.

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  1. Tiffany says

    Great episode. Two years ago when we started on our path in ministry I swore that I wouldn’t let my kids be held to a higher standard or be judged differently because of their dad’s role in the church. Barnabas said that his book was more for PK’s and Pastors, but it really sounds like something that church members need to read too; if they aren’t aware of the higher standard that they expect of a PK, how can they help make the experience better? Can’t wait to read it, and gift it when my kids are older!

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