Notable Voices: August 21, 2014

Ferguson and the Quest for Racial Justice — Russell Moore

The events in Ferguson have dominated the news for the past week. Dr. Moore reminds us that as Christians we should embody God’s love in these tense times.


How You Can Help the Churches that Are Helping Ferguson — Faith Street

This article highlights the efforts by local St. Louis churches in response to the needs of the residents and local businesses in Ferguson.


8 Reasons a Church Plant May Not Grow — Ron Edmondson

Ron has planted as well as pastored established churches. His observations on why church plants might not grow could apply to most any church—both planted and established.


Staying in Ministry May Be Harder Than You Think — Steve Caton

Somewhat related to yesterday’s post on why you shouldn’t give up, Steve provides some encouragement and resources for those struggling in ministry.


10 Wise Leadership Lessons I’ll Never Forget — Faith Whatley

While many of her articles on our LifeWay leadership channel are directed to women leaders, God has given Faith insights that apply to all leaders—both inside and outside of ministry.


Don’t Let Your Comfort Zone Kill Your Church — Chris Martin

Chris continues to share relevant insights on Millennials and how churches can better reach them. In this article he explains how a church’s comfort zone (and inward focus) can weaken its effectiveness.

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