Connected: My Life in the Church


Connected: My Life in the Church Leader Kit provides a biblical understanding of what it means to be a part of the body of Christ through a study of the Book of Ephesians. This study moves us to see that God has placed us in our local churches to serve others, care for them, pray together, learn together, and grow together—all for the glory of God. This group Bible study is a great companion or follow-up to I Am A Church Member.

This release is part of the Bible Studies for Life small group series, equipping you to understand how faith impacts your family, your career, and your struggles. And all the while challenges you to live out your faith, right where you are.

The Leader Kit Includes:

  • Group Member Book
  • DVD-ROM with Bible commentary, short videos from the author providing biblical insights, and more to enhance the group experience


  • Biblically rooted and gospel-centered
  • Leader material
  • Life application based
  • Topical studies
  • Streamlined experience
  • Commentary and word study
  • Small group experience for six small group sessions
  • Applicable Scripture
  • Life application section called “Live It Out”
  • Print, digital, and app formats
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